Freighter Logbook


Freighter Observer's Logbook  

Track all freighter observations
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Makes a great gift for your freighter friends!

 50 sheets duplex, 2 forms per sheet allowing 200 observations per book.

Observations can be indexed and tracked.  This allows you to track all the observations of lake freighters and accommodate name and owner changes.  

      Blank Alphabetical Index at back for recording names of vessels.
      Spaces for Name, Owner, Length, type of vessel.
      Area for sketch and large space for comments.
      Cover allows for a book number, so you can use
       multiple books to track your sightings.
      Spiral bound for easy opening.
      Clear cover provides protection from bad weather.
      Cover art of Algosteel --watercolor by the author.

Order now to get your log book in time to make 2024 observations.
Quantites are limited and when they're gone, there likely won't be more published.

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  Wilson Logbook
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