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Aerial Shots of Goderich

In 2004 I chartered a plane to do some aerial pictures of Goderich. I hope to post some of those here soon. Many of the files are fairly large in size, but worth it.  But in the meantime I have found a few others.  Some of these pictures come from MacCampbell, some from Sky Harbour airport, or Don Coles (who does fab Great Lakes Freighter aerial photos).  They give you a GREAT idea of the town layout.

Shot of town and harbor (by Don Coles) Main beach and harbor (by Don Coles)
Freighter arriving in fall (by Mac Campbell) Beach and Town looking NE (from Sky Harbor)
Looking north: town and harbor (Skyharbor) Town "Square" -pre-tornado
Goderich Airport (looking SE)




6. Great shot of the central town Square (note: it's called a square, but it isn't)

7. Aerial shot of Goderich's airport--looking Southeast.


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