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In June 2002 I purchased a red Honda Reflex scooter.  The reflex is a 250cc scooter with some very stylish lines.  I now have about 13300 miles on it as I did about 700 miles in 5 days in a trip up to Ontario Canada a few years back.
These 3 show the Cortech Sport Saddle bag. Note my red velcro strap at left that secures bag strap over the wing handle.

reflex2s.jpg (10054 bytes)

reflex3s.jpg (11886 bytes)

2002 Reflex Front View Reflex front Right View

refdashs.jpg (8605 bytes)

refstors.jpg (10384 bytes)

  Reflex Instrument Cluster Reflex under seat storage


        Here is a shot of my belt which was replaced at 10,750 miles.  Shot 1 and Shot 2

Here is the brake indicator (2007) from the underside of the bike.

Click Here to see a picture of the rear brake wear indicator.

Honda Japan Forza Page In Japan the Reflex is called the Forza and they
have lots of extra colors, accessories and even white faced instrument guages!
Hey Honda America....get with it--give us some of the Forza features like the
12vt Power Outlet!!!!  Check out some of these other features.

    Click Here to See other Colors

    Click Here to see the Power Outlet.

    Click Here to see the White Instrument Cluster