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Goderich 2011 Tornado Page

On Sunday 8/21/2011 an F3 tornado hit the town of Goderich.  There was one fatality, a salt miner who was loading the Algoma Navigator. In addition there were about 40 injuries.  The town suffered widespread destruction.  You could not lay down a more destructive path; it started at the tip of the salt mine destroying much of the surface buildings at the mine.  It then roared across the inner harbor, destroying some of the grain elevators, then it went up the hill wiping out Lion's Harbour Park.  It then went into town destroying homes on West street and then into the square where there was extensive damage to many of the fine stores and old buildings. It then continued on and destroyed the salt evaporator plant along with more homes and businesses.

I just happened to be visiting the town and I was filming the approaching "storm" from the lighthouse.  At the time I did not know it was a tornado.  I hope to add photos and video here for the record.  I can start as follows:

1. This is a Youtube video of all the 3 video segments I took as the tornado approached the shoreline. Click Here to Watch.

2. The picture below is the tornado just offshore.  It would arrive in about 2 more minutes and destroy the buildings on the right.

3. To link over to my Facebook page for more photos, Click Here.