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Below you will find a sampling of my artwork.  To see a larger version of each piece, simply click on the image. My primary medium is watercolor and sizes are listed next to each painting.  Limited edition prints are available To read the Artist's resume' click here.

I am also a professional (signature) member of the International Society of Marine Painters (ISMP). To visit their site, Click Here. [ISMP appears to be defunct]

Attention: The Wilson Freighter Observer's Logbook is now available.  Cost is only $ 15.95.  Allows you to log all your freighter and other vessel observations.  Click Here to learn more.  If you wish to order contact me at: chris 'at' 

         The Debbie Lyn helping the Anax into Goderich Harbour

         Size 10 x 7.5 


 Algoma Central Marine's Algosteel

       Algoste2.jpg (25903 bytes)Size: 9.5 x 6.5  


Fairport Harbor Lighthouse (Fairport, Ohio)

      Fairligt.jpg (80351 bytes)Size: 3 x 5


   Goderich Lighthouse, Goderich Ontario Canada

  gdrlighs.jpg (6329 bytes) 3 x5


  The Steamer Cuyahoga

        cuyahog2.jpg (44109 bytes)  Size: 11.5 x 8.5


  Pelee Island Ferry

 FERRY2.JPG (50027 bytes)Size: 9 x 6.5


  Tadoussac (freighter) and swimmers

          Size 11x14


                                    Point Clark Lighthouse (Ontario-Lake Huron)                                               

     Size 5 x 7


 Debbie Lyn-Tug McDonald Marine (Goderich)

  Size 8 x 10

  All artwork shown in this document are protected under copyright laws and all rights are reserved to the artist, Chris Wilson. Use of these images without artist's permission is forbidden.